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1970 Big Wheel | Big Wheel - 1969 - 1980 - Marx Toy Co

The one and only Big Wheel. This is where it all started . my Big Wheel first, and eventually graduated to my Mustang. Love the wind blowing on my face when I'm driving with the windows down . just like on my Big Wheel :)

Kalles Klattertrad- a Swedish kid's program  I stan bor en kille som heter Kalle.   Kalle har ett träd som han kallar sitt eget.   Han ligger där uppe och drömmer och fantiserar   om allt möjligt och om Emma.     Emma finns bara i fantasin   men hon är fin tycker Kalle.     Under trädet sitter morfar och läser tidningen.   Morfar tycker om att läsa om allt nytt som har hänt.   Men Kalle han gillar att mest ligga stilla.

One of my favorite shows as a child, was Charlie's Climbing Tree. It was a Dutch cartoon dubbed in English that was shown sometimes on the Nickledeon show Pinwheel. Charlie would lie in his tree and dream of his imaginary girlfriend Emma.

Remember This?

I remember there being a tether ball on the playground of my elementary school. I was the champ, being tall and competitive. My kids have tether ball at their school, too. I'm still better than all the kids, LOL.

Beautiful Abyssinian - 4th May 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens

Abyssinian cat breeds resembles the famous sculptures and paintings of ancient Egyptian cats that had elegant beautiful, muscular body with an arched neck, beautifully shaped eyes that look very much like an almond and large