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three people are looking at something on a table with the words okay, one over time in english
Rachel Bananas
two people kissing each other with the caption if we were just friends would i do this?
horses are a lot like people if you put them in an area together, they learn to get along
X. It’s what’s happening
several people riding horses in front of a house with christmas lights on the ground and trees
Photos from the season 8 finale - Blog - Heartland
a woman riding on the back of a black horse across a river while wearing a cowboy hat
Amber Marshall
a man and woman sitting next to each other in the grass looking at each other
Heartland Hope
two men are talking to each other and one is holding a cat in his arms
a woman holding up a mailbox that says you can send heart island fan mail to this p o box
a woman wearing a cowboy hat standing next to a horse