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Blood Pressure Chart

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Help me pass nursing school..... Ask me anything

Information for nursing students and new nurses from the former Dean of a nursing program in Texas with 30+ years of nursing experience

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Electrolytes for Runners 101 + Homemade Sports Drinks

Electrolytes for runners go well beyond preventing muscle cramps, they also prevent fatigue and decreased overall performance. How to stay on top of it

Novice to Expert: Acute Renal Failure - NCLEX Mastery

Mastering renal failure takes time, but this stripped down advice from practicing nurses makes it easy. Nurses see clients on every shift that have renal insufficiency, so we need to consider it every time we either give a medication, send …

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Urinalysis (UA) Interpretation

Urinalysis interpretation is necessary as a clinician, but nurses should know how to interpret these as well! Read more about UA interpretati..

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“we keep forgetting Medical Abbreviations, here is a quick review”

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Canine & Feline Blood Testing at Little Critters Vet

Little Critters Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Clinic 1525 N Gilbert Road Suite 101C Gilbert AZ 85234. Blood testing cbc and chemistry for dogs and cats.

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Gifts for Nurses: All The Best Nurse Gift Ideas in One Place

Finding the perfect gifts for nurses doesn't have to be hard. We've rounded up some of the best and inlcuded a nurse gift buying guide. Your search is over!

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Discover thousands of amazing medical resources shared by medical students. Find inspiring and motivating medical photos, images, videos, cases and articles.

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Veterinary Anesthesia Monitoring

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PHI Air Medical on Twitter

“The Heart Block Poem #nurse #EMS #EMT”

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7142 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Electrolyte Imbalance Signs And Symptoms Chart - Best Picture Of Chart Anyimage.Org

Management of post obstructive diuresis dehydration physiopedia hyponatremia upon ation to the hyponatremia upon ation to the fluids and sodium imbalance clinical Fluid And Electrolytes Study For Nurses NursingElectrolyte Imbalance Signs Symptoms Chart The FutureNursing Mnemonics And Acronyms Acid Base Fluids Electrolytes NursebuffFluid And Electrolyte Imbalance Signs Symptoms Chart Mane DatnightMon Electrolyte Problems In Pediatric… Read More »

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Types of Sutures, Stitches, and Staples Medical - StudyKorner

Types of Sutures and Stitches Sutures can be either absorbable or nonabsorbable. Absorbable sutures are intended to be broken down by the body over time and eventually dissolve completely. Some materials used to make absorbable sutures are derived from animal products that have been specially processed. Other absorbable sutures are made from synthetic polymer materials

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The 50 Most Popular Nursing Mnemonics on Pinterest - NurseBuff