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Parachute Games for Toddlers : Easy Activities for Early Years

These parachute games for toddlers are easy to do and great for kids that are in the early years. The games and songs are perfect for parties!

6 Fun Parchute Games for Kids

Parachute games are great for playgroups, kindy gym classes and school PE class. They also make a fun addition at birthday parties and they are even great as ice breakers with older children.

20+ Best Play Parachute Games For Kids For Giant Fun Filled Activities!

View the best Parachute Games for Kids. Our list has 20+ Games to Play with a parachute such as Popcorn, Waves, Mushroom, Hot Potato and more.

Fun Parachute Games that Keep Toddlers Moving

These parachute games are guaranteed to keep toddlers moving! They can focus on rhythm and listening skills while working together to move the parachute in different ways. A fun gross motor activity!

Parachute Games for Kids

Do you remember being in preschool or at story time at the library when you were a little kid? Do you remember the total glee you felt when they pulled out the multi-colored “parachute”? I don’t know how a sheet of fabric can cause so much ecstasy, but it has done it again for the next [...]

Parachute Surfing Activity with Scooters

I’m Tanner Roos from Linn Grove Elementary School (Linn-Mar) in Marion, Iowa. Recently we started using the parachute with my kindergarten through third grade students. The activity I’m going to highlight is called Parachute Surfing 2.0. You could also call … Read More

The Parachute Dance Song | Maple Leaf Learning

Let's do the Parachute Dance! A great song with lots of actions of young learners, kindergarten, preschool and the ESL / EFL classroom. Download: https://map...

Parachute Games - Children and Youth

This is a collection of parachute games that can be easily played with children. MUSHROOM This is a simple exercise to get the children used to the parachute. All the children are asked to bend down and take hold of the parachute. When the leader calls ‘up’ the children lift the parachute up as high […]

P.E. Parachute Activities for Elementary Students

Parachute Activities Everyone loves parachute day! Even the adults who walk through the gym tell me about the fond memories they have of playing with the parachute in their PE class when they were in school! I too have great memories playing games with the parachute and I enjoy teaching my students a variety of parachute activities. Attention P.E. teachers: Before teaching parachute activities, it is very important to talk about your rules/procedures. Please click on the link "Tips for…


Parachute games are some of the best ways for kids to learn to cooporate with each other. Take a look at 13 of the best parachute games your kids will love!

Parachute Games-2013 Edition

I love summer, because we get to pull out some of our other fun programming, rather than all story times. One of my favorites to do is Para...

Parachute Movement Activities - Music, PE, All Classrooms

Creative movement props are a fun way to engage students and TEACH concepts. Creative movement is the answer to keep students actively engaged. Use as Transition activities, learning games and reward days. This resource is easily adaptable to other subject areas. You need to have your own parachute ...

31 Fun Parachute Games and Activities for Kids | Kid Activities

Looking for parachute games and activities? Check out these 31 parachute activity ideas. These parachute activities will provide hours of fun and exercise.