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competitive swimming

Don't count the laps, make every lap count!

Its fun!

Dreading going back to swim

Every swimmer for themselves

Every swimmer for themselves! Scariest part of swimming right here. So true.

This style is what I need don't hesitate to take it Ray-Ban glasses.

Bloddy backstroke

Backstroke -_- i still wonder why i've been entered to the 100 back in every meet this season, AND how i somehow managed to get within a second of the states time. Gonna swim it at last chance meet this week!

Well yet i want em to scream

As we celebrate the new year today, I thought it was a good time to look back on History By Zim’s 2012 year. Viewership The website was visited in record numbers this year. In March, I posted…

Story of my life

2008 American swimmer Michael Phelps out-touches Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic by seconds at the finish of the butterfly final. It was the seventh of Phelps' record eight golds during the Olympics.

Thats how we feel

'Fetch' may never have happened, but 'Mean Girls' certainly did become a thing. Released 10 years ago this week (on April the high school comedy not only gave Lindsay Lohan her best role and made a star out of Rachel McAdams, but it also launc

Thats why i love it

A love swimming favourite! To join in, tell us why you love swimming and tag…

I want

cali forn i a