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three different views of a bed with bookshelves
DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed with Bookcase
Library Murphy Bed
there is a woman holding a framed photo in her hands
23+Creative Furniture Hacks For Inventive Minds
22 Creative Furniture Hacks For Inventive Minds-usefuldiyprojects.com (22)
two bookshelves that are open and closed
Sliding bookshelves reveal fold-down bed - Excellent.
there are two pictures of a round table and chairs in the same room, one has a wine glass on it
Round Dining Table & Chairs for Small Homes
space saving table and chairs. Great for play room or something, so there's more floor space, but adults have chairs if they want one lol
three different colored shelves with chairs and tables in them
As if from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds what a great idea! love for the girls room. chairs and table that have hidden storage in the bookshelf.
three different shots of a living room and kitchen
30 Extendable Dining Tables - Architecture & Design
The most cunning of space saving dining tables have got to be those that appear as if from nowhere, with drop-down mechanisms that are fitted directly into walls, allowing a flush finish, or those that parade as an entirely different piece of furniture, such as a console table or coffee table.
there are two pictures of the same room in this house, one has a bed and the other has a tv
Nappali bútorból kihajtható vendég ágy - Helytakarékos, praktikus lakberendezési ötletek - Lakberendezés trendMagazin
Smart, space saving and multi-purpose furniture from Clei