society teaches you to live like yolo but remember on the day of judgement you will be judged solo

Women in Islam

The women of Islam where once tortured and their value was never seen, but Allah has helped them rise and in Islam it is said that the heaven is underneath the feet of a mother

He who has no friend has God (Allah)

And god is the greatest friend one can ever need.

Masha Allah

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Ops! I forgot to be oppressed❤️

Women still can't vote in Saudi Arabia! Funny how only Muslim women who live in secular, Muslim minority countries are the ones who claim that Islam isn't oppressive to women.

Allah helps those who help others

Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. they have been known to rescue other animals such as trapped dogs. [[everything i love in life, in one picture: kitty + elephant + rain forest]]

Alxamdulilah 3aala kuli 7aal

"But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.

insha Allah

insha Allah

Nice paiting

Nice paiting