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a baseball player standing on the field in front of a blue and white sign with numbers
New York Yankees Derek Jeter in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium...
New York Yankees Derek Jeter (2) in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium before game vs Toronto Blue Jays. Bronx, NY 4/29/2000
the man is holding a sandwich and wearing a black hat while standing in front of a crowd
The Latest Tiger Woods Rumor Turns Out To Be Just A Hoax
a baseball player holding a ball in one hand and the words i will remember it all
a close up of a baseball player wearing a catchers mitt and a cap
DONE! (August, 2013) See a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium
an image of a basketball player holding his hands up in the air with one hand
{ The Avalon features most of the slip-on goodness of nikes Classics* with the added comfort and stability of our custom cup outsole. Im personally not a star wars fan* but lots of my followers are... R2D2 nikes Shoes Star Wars by StarWarsHandmade on Etsy shoes nikes herringbone flats hipster indie. would look grt on Kelsey and kait while they travel during christmas omg i need these so similar to seriously i love these ones more than some other nikes that ive seen nikes Womens Classics are our
a man sitting in a chair with his hand up to the side and other people behind him
20 years of Derek Jeter
a black and white photo of a baseball player with the number 42 on his uniform