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Yes. Gimme. Now. Please?

Yes. Gimme. Now. Please?

How fury wakes up the avengers

This is how you wake up the Marvel Avengers - Ironman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, not loki and Captain America


Avengers assemble<< I wish people at my school wore superhero clothing, whether its a shirt or hoodie, and this occurred <--- I ship it so hard.

Concerned parents captain America steve rogers and black widow natasha romanoff with troublesome kids falcon sam wilson and winter soldier bucky barnes

Cacw captain America civil war Steve Rogers captain America Natasha romanoff Sam Wilson the falcon Bucky Barnes Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Poor Loki

Loki and kids ~ Who's the mightiest superhero? ~ He is " pretty sure " he prefers Banana Head Fart Man to his Brother Thor

Whenever I see this the photo makes me think Tony is getting really argumentative and emotional because someone just insulted the Jarvis stocking

At first I saw it and was like "THATS AWESOME" and now I realize it and its just "Oh" *cries* ---> I love the real human Jarvis. This really hurts.