Espolin Johnson

Collection by Espen Bless Stenberg

Espen Bless Stenberg
Karl Espolin Johnson (Released by Galleri Espolin/Storvågan)

Nordland musikkfestuke feirer sommeren - Visit Nord-Norge

Bodøs ledende musikkfestival spiller på Keiservarden, i konserthuset Stormen og på vakre steder i Salten, og programmet er klassisk og variert.

Grainy scenes of fishing abound in Kabelvåg’s Galleri Espolin, whic is dedicated to the painter and graphic artist, Kaare Espolin Johnson. Born near-sighted in northwestern Norway, Espolin, was almost blind when he developed his own distinctive (and time-consuming) technique of layering soot onto white paper then scraping it off with a blade to create light and shade. The gallery holds 250 pieces by Espolin, who died in 1994, many of which portray the lives of coastal people in northern…

The Lofoten Islands Are Norway's Answer to Marfa

Norway’s Lofoten archipelago is made up of six principal, populated, islands and hundreds of smaller ones that are empty of people. It's also full of new work by exciting artists.

Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-94) - The Woman, the Sea, and the Infant

Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-94) - The Woman, the Sea, and the Infant