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an image of the law making process with three sections labeled in black and white text
Ministerial Regulation and Ministerial Decree
two hand prints with the words golden? twenty
Is it that twenty five?
a diagram with the words which role is the most demmoding? and your own peace
multiple roles and the balance?
the international law diagram with five important laws
Legislation Making in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2021)
the long way to death info board with pins and markers on it, which are labeled in
our boring job
a black and white photo of a sound board with the words stoppdd everything
K-pop in Law
Indonesia, India, Smartphone, Best Smartphone, E-wallet, Fintech, Tech News, Tech, It Works
Foreign E-wallet in Indonesia
law books with the words justice, legal certainty and experience of law
Justice in Indonesian Law
hands holding an electronic device with the words digital technology in front of it and on top of
Digital Signature in Indonesia
Feelings, Kinds Of Energy, Something To Do, Social Boundaries, Life, It Hurts, Current Generation
World Outside Your Window