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pretty kittie

pretty kittie

love dog pretty winter animals cute cold mine life wolf eyes husky beautiful white animal blue blue eyes nature amazing natural ocean sea neon wild pure white wolf beautiful creatures somewhere only we know extraordinário woderfull

Girl hugging sitting horse on the beach. Beautiful sunset photography, night is falling and it is getting dark, so pretty. Black Freisan and girl in black dress, surf is just beyond them with the waves breaking and view of ocean in the background.

"Una coltre di nebbia lattiginosa e densa invadeva le strade, strisciando con i propri fiotti di caligine irrequieta e impalpabile, come viva, sulle bordure poste dall'asfalto e tra i teneri germogli che pungolavano di colori accecanti il verdeggiare dei prati." [Mary Chioatto]

wowtastic-nature: Autumn Hedges by Stephen Emerson /

Coffee Table

Coffee Table It May Look Like A Regular Coffee Table, But It's Way More Impressive Than That 19 Foolproof Ways To Make A


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