Tonje Bjørnsdatter Hansen

Tonje Bjørnsdatter Hansen

Tonje Bjørnsdatter Hansen
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Self reiki

Reiki - Alternate Yoga Postures Reiki connects you to universal energy so you can heal yourself whenever you feel the need.

Activating your Hand Chakras for healing...

What is Reiki healing is the question on the minds of many people. Reiki refers to a spiritual healing art with its origins in Japan. The term Reiki comes from ‘Rei’ which is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life” and ‘Ki’ which is a word.


We have the power to heal the world w/ Love & Light. I sometimes imagine a golden light surrounded by pink is flowing out to spread healing where it is needed.

Reiki Usui Kent Seng Temuco

Energy Techniques to Help Beginners Understand Energy