Tram, Trolley & Streetcar Images From Photos And Postcards Colorized By Me

Electric traction from everywhere !
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Strasbourg Tramway

14 Pins

Toledo OH

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Durham NC

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Richmond VA

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Odense Denmark

3 Pins

Santa Barbara CA

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Photo Lennart Welander

Viborg-Viipuri Finland/Russia

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Memphis TN

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Columbus OH

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South Bend IN

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Fort Wayne IN

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Last trip july 19th 1936, saved at Perris Trolley museum!

California Streetcars

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Cape Town Trams

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Minden Germany Last Car run in 1959

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I won't say Munich!

German Strassenbahns

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British Trams

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Photo taken towards the end of service!
Former Providence RI cars.

American Streetcars

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several people are standing on the sidewalk in front of an old building and a train
Munchen 1937
I won't say Munich!
an old double decker bus is parked on the side of the street as people walk by
Car 74 is seen here in Blackburn
an old trolley car is on the tracks in front of some buildings and people walking around
Car 41 from The Blackburn System
an old tram car parked in front of a building
Osnabruck gave them up in 1960!
an old photo of a street scene with a trolley on the tracks and a bar sign
A quiet scene in Terre-Haute IN
two trolley cars parked in front of a building
At some sort of Factory
a trolley car is traveling down the street in an old european town with people walking around
185 on line 1
an old tram car traveling down the street with people on bikes and cars behind it
A lively City Scene
an old tram car is on the tracks
A full shot of 174
an old train is on the tracks near some buildings
Old car 22 at The Car Barn
an old tram car is parked on the street
At The Central Train Station
a white train traveling down tracks next to a small building and tree lined street side
148 has a different styling
a train traveling down tracks next to a forest filled with green grass and trees on the side of a road
A nice country line
an old fashioned trolley car traveling down the street
Good close up of car 165
an old photo of people walking and riding on the street in front of a trolley car
Car 169 is seen on an old street