Lost New York City Colorized by Bjorn

Buildings and Structures as well as lost Mansions that once were part of The NYC architectural cityscape!
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Double House Mansion

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Speyer Mansion 1911-1947

8 Pins

Cornelius Vanderbilt ll Mansion 1883-1926

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The Clark Mansion 952 5th Ave & E 77 St 1897-1927

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William-Collins Whitney Mansion 871 5th Ave 1901-1942

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Velez Blanco The Blumenthal Mansion 50th E & 70th St 1915-1947

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The Schwab Mansion 1906-1948

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The Lois Stern-Reisinger Mansion 993 5th Ave NYC

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The Astor House 840 5th Ave 1897-1927

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The old Circle Building.
Circle Plaza by Night 1920's.

The Circle Building

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Singer Building 1908-1968

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The ULTRA Fancy Ballroom at the old Savoy Plaza Hotel 1892.
Here's a  marble reception room in The William Salomon NYC Town House, torn down in 1924!


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people are walking on the street in front of an old building
The Tomb 1902-1941
NYC notorious jail!
the street is lit up with christmas lights
A romantic night 1906!
people are riding bicycles down the street in front of old buildings on a foggy day
Street scene from the 1880's
a very tall building sitting in the middle of a large city with lots of windows
Savoy Plaza Hotel 1927-1965
a model of a building made out of metal
It brings it back to life!
a metal model of a building with a clock in the background
My Pewter Model
an old photo of a house on a hill with trees in the backgroud
The Tower, Old And New, Tower
Top of The Tower!
an ornate room with chandeliers and chairs
The Grand Ballroom!
an old fashioned bedroom with antique furniture and curtains
Mrs Speyer's Bedroom
the hallway is decorated with potted plants and rugs, along with a black dog
Second Floor Hallway
an old fashioned living room with fancy furniture
The lovely Sitting Room
an old photo of a dining room with fancy furniture and paintings on the walls,
The gorgeous dining room!
It had a fire and much was lost!
an old photo of a fancy living room
The Parlor