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Øyvind Neeraas

Øyvind Neeraas
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Jayne Mansfield again

Does anyone else notice anything odd about this photo? Look at the two hands knitting.

Sophia Loren

More Sophia inspiration. Love those knit stockings, too!

Sexy Men Who Knit  Did you know David Arquette is an avid knitter? So much so, he graced the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2. And here I was blown away by literary force that was Celebrity Scarves 1.     Odd Fact About David Arquette: In addition to his acting chops, he is a WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Yes, a wrestler who knits. Who knew?

Sexy Male Celebrities Who Knit - Let’s be clear on this: I do not knit. Lots of my friends knit. I like knit wear. I like knit people.