Katrine Bjerregaard

Katrine Bjerregaard

Katrine Bjerregaard
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How to Use a Protractor Freebie

How to Use a Protractor Freebie! OMG, my fourth graders needed so much helping with learning to use a protractor to measure angles.

Basketball Math Center Fun-FREEBIE

Addition and Subtraction Basketball Math Center Fun-FREEBIE Could change this up a bit and make it more engaging with a little competition.

Classroom Freebies Too: Place Value Freebie!

FREE ~ place value practice for deeper understanding of 2 digit addition ~ roll it ~ write it ~ build it ~ draw it ~ write it in expanded notation ~ first grade math ~ common core ~ CooL ScHooL Stuff!,Education,First Gra

More Math Stations and an Addition Freebie!

Snag this addition freebie! "Build it" cards have students practicing addition within 20 and showing their answers. Fun and hands-on activity for a math station or maybe even a math center?