Bjarne Bostad

Bjarne Bostad

Welcome! Remember, the first step towards failure is trying. Destruction is a meticulous task and must be handled with great care. A device for mutual decept
Bjarne Bostad
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Pawel - Fishing with octopus, 2009 The original drawings were made with pencil. Archive retro look because it adds to the melancholic mood of the illustration.

UNSHADED illustration by Team GNOO & ZK , via Behance

Story idea: Every forest has its spirits. Humans fear them, but they only want to protect the forest. What will happen when a human meets a spirit?

Animals and Animal Transport by Barnaby Purdy, via Behance

These are some of the animal themed images i have done recently. The whale and the Turtle are part of a larger project i'm working on called "Big Animal Transport", which i will post a little further down the road.