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a stuffed gnome sitting on top of a red chair
Danish Gnome with Long Legs | Kerstmis, Gnomen, Kerstdecor
Danish Gnome with Long Legs
three little gnomes are hanging on the wall with hearts in their ears and wings
Bastelpackungen Weihnachten
Christbaum Elfen German site, no pattern but so many different things, so cute.
three gnomes with hats on sitting in front of a brick wall and wooden floor
4 Christmas gnomes in a row
Sew some gnomes...
three wine bottles with santa hats on them and one has a bottle opener in the middle
Santa Wine Toppers | Garnet Hill
Santa Wine Toppers Furry beards and bendable woolly felt hats make this trio of charming Santas essential guests for holiday parties and special dinners. These funny little fellows wrap around the tops of wine bottles for fun host and hostess gifts. Set includes Gray, Red and Green Santas. Set of three. Imported.
a snowman made out of an apple tree
Bastelpackungen Weihnachten
Felt Tomte / Nisse
three gnomes with white hair and beards on a checkerboard tile floor
a gnome figurine sitting on top of a table next to a basket and vase
Meidän Jörö :D
Christmas gnome <3
three knitted gnomes sitting on top of a window sill
Tomtar, Nisser, & Tonttu
Nisser (in Norway & Denmark), Tomtar (in Sweden) or Tonttu (in Finnish) are the elves of folklore that Scandinavians have loved for generations. Yours will bring your family good fortune in the coming year if you remember him with a Christmas Eve treat.
two gray and white gnomes are standing next to each other on a shelf in the kitchen
Gnome Frost..ha ha! I like these.
two gnomes wearing black and grey clothing with long gray hair on their heads are standing next to each other
Rikke Pape
uldnisser sorte - Glaskunst