Birk E. Opdal

Birk E. Opdal

I like drawing, Reading, and New ideas.
Birk E. Opdal
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I wish common sense was more common …

Very true, unfortunately. (Although it should say, "I wish common sense WERE more common." Sadly, grammar skills have gone the way of common sense.

Get the facts about Mental Illness Infographic

I hate when people say there mood is so bipolar. You have no idea what you are talking about. It is a chronic mental illness that is beyond difficult to deal with at times! ~ Bipolar & all mental illnesses are not anyone's fault.

Kaneki "I am done. I've wasted enough tears for people who don't even care." | Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul this is sad but true I would always cry for ppl that weren't worth my tears an I try so hard not to cry for them but I just have a big heart.