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An Allure editor must-have! Nothing compares in magically highlighting the skin. This formula is the ultimate illuminator for creating a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow. A must have beauty product and

Bold brow + subtle wing.

Perfectly blended cat eye by aniamilczarczyk - Details from yesterday's look. For everyone asking what liner I used it was the creme liner from Mercier in Noir, Skin + mascara also by Mercier / Brow gel by / eyeshadows by Mercier and


I have a photoshoot tutorial on how to a hive this super highlighted look. I would suggest an African American model with amazing facial cemetery as that seems to be a focal point in this particular photo

Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highland. The Republic of Armenia and the unrecognized de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic are the two countries where Armenians form a majority, both with a nearly homogeneous population. Because of a wide-ranging and long-lasting diaspora, an estimated total of 5-7 million people of full or partial Armenian ancestry live outside of Armenia. As a result of the Armenian Genocide, a large number…

Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highland.

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Já viu o especial de Ano novo lá no blog? Confere que tá incrível!

Foundation brush is of the utmost importance to accomplish a gorgeous makeup. Makeup brushes must be cleaned at least once per week. You may also use a single brush for over 1 application.

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Maquiagem para noivas pele morena e negra

Maquiagem para noivas

…because it’s still Wednesday, and I’m still crushingMadisin Bradley#WCW #PrettyPeriod

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