Nice edging options, or repeat strip knit patterns with charts..... Many more at site. "Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums"

Nice edging options, or repeat strip knit patterns with charts. "Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums"-Note to self _ too smal to do anything with, copy and crop?

Her har jeg tegnet et strikkemønster basert på to gamle norske strikkemønstre  ♥    Jeg har kalt dette mønsteret for Telemark :)   Bla...

Ravelry: Telemark pattern by Katrine Hammer I've been looking for this kind of leaf pattern forever!

Nordic pattern with snowflakes. Mosaic in Scandinavian, Norwegian style. by SiwaBudda, via Shutterstock

See a rich collection of stock vectors & images for holiday pattern you can buy on Shutterstock.

Ravelry: NishiKnits' Riddari - Jewels

NishiKnits' Riddari - Jewels

fe Short rows in the colour work. After completing row I purled back across the back, turned my work (w&t) and knit back to the BOR. Next one after completing row


FRIDA’s emerald sweather pattern by Karihdesign Kari Hestnes

Wiolakofte i Kauni

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Wiolakofta pattern by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Stickade DROPS sockor i ”Karisma” med norskt mönster. Stl 35 till 46. ~ DROPS Design

Silver Dream Socks - Knitted DROPS socks with Norwegian pattern in ”Karisma”. Size 35 to 46 - Free pattern by DROPS Design