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a diagram showing how to install a roof on a house in the rain or snow
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Concrete patios do not allow water to penetrate beneath their surface and are typically drained with sheet-flow techniques or through drainage structures. 👇🏼ES👇🏼 Los patios de concreto no permiten que el agua penetre debajo de su superficie y generalmente se drenan con técnicas de flujo laminar o mediante estructuras de drenaje. . . . . . #conceptsapp #illustration #architettura #arquitectura #archi_students #illustration #architecture #homeownertips #realtortips #residentialdesign #realesta
an image of a section of a house showing the insulation and components for its foundation
1. couronnement étanchéité 2. isolant: styrofoam 100mm 3. toile et colle 4. étanchéité verticale: 5. étanchéité verticale: 6. membrane de fondation à excroissance en PEHD 7. blocs en béton plein de fondation 8. étanchéité horizontale 9. armatures fer rond à béton 10. semelle filante 11. chape béton de 60mm d’épaisseur avec joints de dilatation 12. isolant: styrofoam 13. feuilles PE (2x) 14. dalle beton arme, épaisseur 100mm (armature en treillis acier 150x150mm et diametre 8mm)
four different types of metal grates with holes and holes on the sides, one is gold
NDS | Trench Drain Systems
3 inch aluminum and bronze decorative grates for NDS mini-channel
four different color and pattern designs on the side of a building's wall or floor
Decorative Grating
decorative stone, stone grating, decorative trench drain grates, decorative residential drains, residential