Make new wood look OLD with this tutorial on how to Weather Wood. Click through for instructions

How to Weather Wood

How to Weather Wood - Cherished Bliss Do you love the weathered wood furniture look in your home? Try these DIY tips to make new wood look OLD with this tutorial on how to Weather Wood.

There is some truth in that.

How People Treat Other People is a Direct Reflection of How They Feel About Themselves. Some of us need to remember this when dealing w/difficult bosses/dictators. Remember, it's not about you!

Effective Parenting 101

Good parenting lessons and reminders. "Yelling silences your message." Effective Parenting 101 has lots of ideas to stop the yelling cycle you might find yourself in.

Christian Workout Music: 100 Uplifting Songs

100 Christian Workout Songs List - Are the stresses of life getting in the way of your workouts? Here is a list of uplifting Christian music to motivate and inspire you to get up and move.

DIY: fabric envelope

Something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial

LIVE. LOVE. SURF-- let's teach our kids this  :)

Panneau en bois "Live, love, surf" bleu-gris et beige 40 x 2 x 60 cm


As well as drawing loads of people for my GTS semi final piece I also drew lots of other Autumny things. Like owls.

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