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Repurposed Cot

Recently our little Squeak made the transition from the cot to her first big girl bed. I dutifully moved the cot into our study waiting to be dismantled and either stored or passed on, but kept finding reasons not to do it. The thing is, I'm certain there will be no more babies for us. Kind of certain. OK, 99.99% certain. But every time I passed the study and saw our empty cot looking back at me forlornly (it really was) I'd procrastinate a little bit more. So in the end I decided not to…

Rain is awesome.

Basil the Great

Basil the Great Basil attained a reputation in the early church for his efforts in liturgy, monasticism, and doctrine. The honors exte...

Cocoon| Designer: Salomonsen Design


Salomonsen Design Official Web Site, Craft based Furniture Design

Party Ideas For Kids

Fantastic Cleaners

Scratch your curiosity with interesting tales from the storybook of cleaning, organising and home improvement.


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The lobster phone is ringing.

Blood & Champagne v3.0

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33 Creative Decals for your iPad

Following up from our popular ’50 Creative MacBook Decals and Stickers’ post, here are 33 creative decals/stickers for your iPad. There is some overlap as a few of the decals wor…




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