Natural sofas.

Collection by BertO - The dream design made in Meda


Sofa designed by nature :-)

BertO - The dream design made in Meda
These are really cute and would be nice covered in old quilts for a party. Love these haybale sofas decked out with fabric and pillows for a wedding.

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Sprout a sofa #naturalsofas

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Lovely stone sofa in garden.

Moon to Moon

An antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life

Rocks can be comfy...

Sofas in the sand... the comfort of nature :-)

Sofas in the sand... the comfort of nature :-)

Fun and goodlooking!

recycle crafts

Daniel Michalik | Cortiça chaise longue | made out of cork

Daniel Michalik | Furniture — DMFD

Well done...

Maximus Randomus Awesomus

It's That Awesome!

Feel the nature in those rocks? ;-)

a quieter storm


Hay bale sofa.

The Natural Wedding Company - Natural Wedding Co: the online directory for eco-friendly, seasonal, vintage and handmade weddings

Yesterday I spent the day in a barn on a farm for a upcoming photoshoot I’ll be featuring on the blog – if you follow me on Twitter you might have seen the picture I shared. This afternoon I’ll be posting some of my behind-the-scenes snaps to show you what we got up to, but my day on the farm inspired this morning’s choice of wedding inspiration. Hay bale (or straw bale) seating is already quite popular with rustic/festival/farm weddings – it is an easy and cheap way to create seating for…

Looks nice and comfortable! :-)

Looks nice and comfortable! :-)


For our terrace to curl up on...

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