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Bertine Vik

Bertine Vik
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Grey Warden tarot based on Two Wands for @nathanielwhy! Thanks for the support Contact me at for commission enquiries!

qissus: “ I’ve been doing tarots for a year now and this is the first time I’ve been commissioned to make an Adaar tarot so it’s a much needed change for me. Tarot is loosely based on the Devil and Queen of Pentacles.

Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot - Imgur

Laisa is a Dalish elf with a traumatic past. When her Clan is destroyed, she finds herself at risk of dying in the wilds, as the distant Inquisition defeats its immortal enemy. Saved by a passing elven mage, she becomes drawn to the elusive Solas.

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paladinalenko: “I commissioned for an interpretation of the justice tarot card for my city elf warden, Irdes, and holy crap….this is somehow even better than i expected. Definitely check out their art and consider commissioning them because.