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snow white and the seven dwarfs made out of perler beads on a blue background
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Snow White hama beads by Juan José Prieto
a cross stitch pattern of a princess holding a flower
Hama strijkkralen set Disney princess (7909)
some pixelated items are sitting on a wooden table and one is hanging from a string
a pink and white kitty light switch cover
the beads are made to look like bunnies and an easter egg is next to it
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
Bügelperlen Oster-Set
two pieces of lego art made to look like robot wheels on a wooden table top
John Deere
a cross stitch picture of a cartoon character
Perles hama: olaf GM de la reine des neiges (frozen)
Olaf Frozen Disney hama perler beads by Deco.Kdo.Nat
a cross stitch pattern with the image of winnie the pooh riding a toy train
Perles haa: winnie sur son train
Winnie the Pooh hama perler beads by deco.kdo.nat
four pieces of perler bead art that look like volkswagen type cars with different colors and patterns
VW van rainbow wall hama beads by mitkrearum