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a painting of a building with windows and trees
two people walking down the street in front of some red buildings and a green light
Sunday Afternoon, Greenwich Avenue - Vilcek Foundation
a painting of a street with houses and a stop sign
Emma Cownie - Paintings for Sale
an oil painting of a factory at night with lights reflecting off the water's surface
Andrew Gifford
Andrew Gifford - John Martin Gallery
a painting of a night scene with lights on the bay bridge and mountains in the background
Nocturnes I and II Paintings of the British Columbia Coast
a painting of boats floating on top of a lake next to trees and mountains at night
a painting of some buildings at night with the moon in the sky over them and trees
Sir George Clausen Summer Night (The rooftops of Carlton Hill, St John’s Wood, where Clausen lived from 1905 until 1940.)
a painting of the night sky with clouds and trees
now-here: Joseph Tomanek (American, 1889-1974) - Nocturnal...
an oil painting of a house on the side of a road next to water and telephone poles