Lars Hertervig, 1830-1902

He was born on Borgøya, an island outside the western coast of Norway. As an adult, he suffered from mental illness and melancholia, but he never stopped working on his art. He also spent years of his life in deepest poorness, but history tells that he painted every day, the last 30 years of his life. Lars Hertervig is a treasure in the Norwegian art history; his works are filled with an enigmatic kind of magic and beauty, - he painted the most beautiful skies I ever have seen in art.
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Lars Hertervig, a Norwegian artist who never received the recognition he deserved. When I see paintings like his, it reminds me how it often seems like those claimed to be insane have an extended awareness. They manage to capture what lies beyond the illusions, bringing us closer to the truth. (And I can so agree to these words! HKB)

Lars Hertervig (Norwegian, Old Pine Trees, oil on canvas, 64 x cm, Museum Stavanger

lars hertervig

lars hertervig

Lars Hertervig, «Fra Tysvær»

View of Tysvær, Lars Hertervig 1867 Nasjonalmuseet

Niels Bjørnsen Mølle, Lars Hertervig

Lars Hertervig (February 1830 – January was a Norwegian painter. His semi-fantastical work with motives from the coastal landscape in the traditional district of Ryfylke is regarded as one of the peaks of Norwegian painting.

Painting by Lars Hertervig

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Lars Hertervig - Landscape with a House, 1873

Lars Hertervig (1830-1902; Norwegian artist) "Babylon Harlot"

Babylon Harlot by Lars Hertervig

Lars Hertervig, Uten tittel (udatert)

Lars Hertervig, Uten tittel (udatert)

Landscape with poplar, drawing, 1858. Norwegian National Museum.

Landscape with poplar, drawing, Norwegian National Museum.