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a green and white hat with a pom - pom on the top,
Tops, Handarbeit, Sis, Sweater, Jumper, Breien
Sticka barntröja med kattmotiv – gratis stickmönster | Allas
a black and white cross stitch pattern with a cat
DOTTIE: Dådyrkofte. Foto: Klompelompe Jumpers, Lyst, Kinder, Jul, Tid
Strikk årets fineste julejakke
DOTTIE: Dådyrkofte. Foto: Klompelompe
a green and white sweater hanging on a wall next to a ball of yarn
Picking up for the steek
Jumper Patterns, Kids Sweater Pattern, Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern, Sweater Patterns, Kids Sweater
17 Nordic Style Knitted Sweaters for Kids
two sweaters sitting on top of a table next to a teddy bear and stuffed animal
a man wearing a sweater with an ugly pattern on it
Traktorgenser til lillebror
Maja strikker: Traktorgenser til lillebror