Bente Rasmussen

Bente Rasmussen

Jeg er en engasjert , blid og positiv jente som ikke helt skjønner at jeg snart er noen og 50.. . Tuller og tøyser det meste av dagen, elsker politiske diskusj
Bente Rasmussen
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Three general categories of personal injury compensation that accident victims may be able to obtain through civil litigation or settlement agreements.

Personal injury compensation may address actual damages such as medical expenses and mental anguish, as well as serve a punitive function.

This Infographic was created to highlight the criminalization of one of America's most vulnerable groups: the homeless. By stopping the criminalization of those in need, we can help spur litigation in support of protecting their civil rights.

National Coalition for the Homeless volunteer, India Hayes, visualizes NCH's homeless criminalization report.

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