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Radiant Front yard fence styles,Garden fence ideas and Wooden fence sections.

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Find the type of fence that will work best to enclose your garden space with this gallery from HGTV Gardens.

Latest Trends in Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces, 20 Modern Yard Landscaping Ideas - Gartengestaltung

Container Gardening For Beginners Landscaping for Beginners: Most people never begin a new landscape because they don't know where to start. I Have 8 Landscaping Tips for Gardening Beginners that will teach you How to Landscape. Diy Landscaping, Flower Garden, Organic Gardening, Easy Landscaping, Gardening For Beginners, Outdoor Gardens, Beginners Landscaping, Landscape, Gardening Tips

How to Landscape

Most people never attempt a new garden landscape because they don't know where to start. In this popular pin I have 8 Gardening Landscape Tips for Beginners that will teach you How to Landscape.

a Backyard Privacy Fence Build a Backyard Privacy Fence with Corrugated Steel Panels - Industrial Chic at it's best.Build a Backyard Privacy Fence with Corrugated Steel Panels - Industrial Chic at it's best.

Build a Backyard Privacy Fence

Using corrugated steel panels we reclaimed our backyard privacy and did it in less than 2 hours.

Riverside Storage Shed Kit by Dutchcrafters Amish Furniture

Amish Made Riverside Shed Kit

Amish Made Riverside Storage Shed Kit Amish Made Sheds and Chicken Coops Collection Our Riverside Shed will perfectly suit all types of hobbies and styles. Use it store outdoor items like bikes and gardening supplies or turn into a she shed or man cave. Whatever you choose, know that the Riverside will be there to accent your style beautifully! It comes primed from woodshop, so you can put your splash of color on to match your outdoor decor perfectly. Easy DIY Shed Kit Why struggle…

Monkey grass growing on either side of a brick walk. Linope spicata, managed by monkey grass. “managed with monkey grass (Liriope spicata, USDA zones 4 to

How and When to Trim a Monkey Grass Border | Today's Homeowner

Find out how and when to trim a monkey grass border on your yard to keep it looking it's best.

4 Wondrous Cool Tips: Fence Art Lights fence lighting life.Farm Fence And Gates fence art lights.Split Rail Fence On Hill.

How To Build A Gabion Fence (Step by Step Guide) | Gabion Supply

Already purchased your materials to build a gabion fence? Here, you can find assembly and filling instructions to help you build your unique fence. Give us a call at 866-391-6295 and our team will help get your project started!

From the banks of the Nile to your backyard, gabion walls are a boon to the landscape. Used for thousands of years by military and structural engineers, ga

Hardscaping 101: Gabion Walls - Gardenista

From the banks of the Nile to your backyard, gabion walls are a boon to the landscape. Used for thousands of years by military and structural engineers, ga

Path and Walkway Landscaping Ideas - The walkway exudes modern style with large, regularly spaced pavers interspersed with crushed rock. Metal edging marks a clear definition between path and bed, and keeps the mulch and crushed stone from intermingling.

Genius Ideas for Improving Your Path and Walkway Landscape

Our favorite is number 4!

35 Inspiring Retaining Wall Ideas Uses that Will Blow Your Mind - Concrete Retaining Wall Repair Ideas -

Juniper retaining walls -- long lasting and beautiful design options

Popular styles of juniper retaining walls -- affordable, beautiful, long-lasting, and chemical-free!

An easy simple rock border.

Don't Overbuild

Solving a slight drainage issue easily, affordably, without pooling water, without breeding mosquitoes & will last over a century, below. Path was terraced, #89 granite gravel poured, slope dug into with stone laid (dug in about 1"-2" at each base) angled into the slope. . Unskilled labor required at each phase, above. Easily woman powered, or man. . Water, now, follows the path. As does the eye & foot. . Too often I am at a new client's landscape and discover French drains already…

What to Plant in Your Hellstrip

What to Plant in Your Hellstrip

First, I feel like I need to define a hellstrip. Here’s how it’s defined by Urban Dictionary: “Strip of dirt between the sidewalk and the street, notoriously hard to grow plants of any kind in due to several factors: lack of water, heat reflected from paved surfaces, foot traffic, trash, dog crap, and salt from winter snowmelt. Also called a tree lawn, inferno strip, devil...

Mahonia Nervosa recommended for rain garden Plants, Oregon Grape, Early Spring Flowers, Native Plants, Japanese Garden, Fruit Plants, Healing Plants, Vista Landscape, Native Plant Gardening

Low Oregon Grape, Mahonia nervosa

Low Oregon Grape The Barberry Family–Berberidaceae Mahonia nervosa (Pursh) Nutt. (Ma-HOE-nee-uh nerv-OH-suh) Names: Low Oregon Grape is also called Cascade Oregon Grape, Cascade Barberry, Dull Oregon Grape, Dwarf Oregon Grape or Longleaf Mahonia. Nervosa refers to the fan-like veins in its leaves. It is called “dull” because its leaves are not as shiny as Tall Oregon […]

Seatwall Standards& Dimensions "block core with an ultra smooth stucco that looks like poured concrete when its well done"

Retaining Seatwalls - Landscaping Network

Find out how you can make a retaining wall do double duty as seating. See examples of seatwalls and get ideas for your own.

This may be what we have in the yard. White Flowers, Plants, Tree, Garden Junk, Olive Gardens, Shrubs, Garden Center, Vista Landscape, Garden Plants

Harlequin Glorybower/Peanut Butter Tree (Clerodendrum trichotomum)

Covered with profusely fragrant white flowers in late summer, this small statured umbrella shaped tree has a somewhat tropical feel to it. Slowly maturing to heights of 12-15’ with similar spread make this a fun choice within any garden. As fall arrives a tiny steel blue berry sets atop a beautiful star shaped rosy pink calyx that look as those it’s reaching for the stars.

Centrepiece effect of a raised round foreground lawn, with play area beyond.

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