Benjamin Midttun Njærheim

Benjamin Midttun Njærheim

Benjamin Midttun Njærheim
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Anolis fraseri by James A. Christensen

Fraser's Anole(Anolis fraseri) photographed by James Christensen at Mindo on the western slopes of the Andes, Ecuador on January 2010

Brown anole aka Bahaman or De la Sagra's Anole

Lizard (aka Anole) - do not try to catch * extra 2 points for a green one

Green Anole Covered w/ Dew by Jude Haase (surce:

DEW DROP ON An anole lizard glistens with hundreds of dewdrops in the morning sun as it clings to a swamp branch in Louisiana. (Photo: Jude Haase / Solent News via the Telegraph)