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Seis gadgets obsoletos que si los vendes te pagarán las vacaciones

It wasn't the first player to offer music on the go; remember the Walkman? And it wasn't the first portable player. But its impact is undeniable. Launched in the iPod represents one of the signal musical events of the decade that's coming to a close.

【1999】・iBook/ Final Cut Pro、QuickTime Streaming Serverリリース。Samsungに1億ドルを投資。iMacそっくりのPCをめぐりeMachinesを提訴。OS 9の名称使用をめぐり訴えられる iBookの販売台数、全ノートPC中で最多に

30 Ads You Haven't Seen In Forever - Apple iMacs. I loved the colors but hated the hockey puck mice. The school had these all around the classrooms and library back when I was in high school.

Apple Mac G4 Cube.. I so wanted one of these.

Observing innovative companies and how these companies implement the design process indicates the below lessons that can be learned and used to turn design innovations inside companies into business success.