Benedicte Nyheim

Benedicte Nyheim

Benedicte Nyheim
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Attic home with a metal staircase - via Coco Lapine Design

The metal staircase in this beautiful attic home gives this space a industrial loft look. A minimal grey kitchen is placed underneath the metal staircase, making space for a small living area and on the second floor you can find … Continue reading →

Beckett 5-High Shelf | Crate and Barrel

Expansive shelving anchors family room, office or kitchen with open styling that puts books and dinnerware on display. Gallery shelves of solid richly grained shesham wood float on a slim open iron frame finished in black.

A busy lifestyle has meant that sleep has become more important that ever before for me and my family, so with an intensely few months behind us, today’s topic couldn’t have come at a better time.

Alternative no-tree Christmas styling ideas | Nordic Christmas styling | pinecones and fir tree

Holiday Terrarium - Pinecones and greenery are great scattered about the home, but we think they look so much more modern in a glass IKEA jar.