Ben Adams

Ben Adams

I work as a production designer for the TV series Hotel Cæsar in Oslo, Norway. My boards are for inspiration to various projects here in the studios.
Ben Adams
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water color

water color- more color inspiration. seriously LOVE this site! The pictures are gorgeous and the color combos are awesome.

This palette, lake tones, are the perfect choice for making a lazy summer day quilt for either a picnic or taking a nap by the lake.

blossom hues

Inspiration ---> Colors for baby girl---blossom hues-- so pretty! Love the green and the blue especially. I take these, import them into PSP and use the color picker to grab the color. You can save the swatches, too. Should work in PS and PSE.

summer hues

This color scheme has the green that is on the walls in the classroom. Use other colors to add more color to room.