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a red poster with a man's face and the words erne alto on it
010_ernesto Framed Art Print by federico babina
an advertisement for the art gallery kieser, which is designed to look like a futuristic
Gallery of Federico Babina's ARCHIPLAY Illustrations Imagine Set Designs by Master Architects - 1
an image of a cartoon ladybug floating in the air
Air Freight Domestic - Arq4design.com
an architectural drawing with people standing in front of it and the words, ernesto neto
ARCHIST: Illustrations of Famous Art Reimagined as Architecture
an advertisement for the san francisco zoo, with a fish in it's mouth
Gallery of ARCHIZOO: Illustrated Architectural "Animals" from Federico Babina - 21
the poster for mario botta's album, archiportatti is shown
Gallery of The Latest Illustration from Federico Babina: ARCHIPORTRAIT - 3
an advertisement for eames featuring a white and black design
Federico Babina — architectural scenography
an old movie poster with a duck floating in the water and another bird standing on top of it
ARCHIZOO: Illustrated Architectural "Animals" from Federico Babina
a bathroom scene with the door open to reveal a man sitting in his bathtub
federico babina adds cinematic stars to architect-designed interiors
the cover to jean nouveaul's novel, archwindow is shown in blue and
Architecture’s Windows Posters
a poster with an image of a man's face and arrows pointing to the right
federico babina illustrates renowned architects in their own style
an architectural book cover for josef albert's archist, with people walking in front of the building
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
an image of a building that is in the middle of nowhere with people walking around it
Gallery of ARCHINOWHERE: A Parallel Archi-Universe Illustrated by Federico Babina - 14
an old poster with the word cropius on it's front and side
Gallery of Federico Babina's ARCHILINE Paints the Essence of Architecture's Greatest Works - 2
an old poster with people in the windows
ARCHIWINDOW: A Glimpse Through "The Eyes of Architecture"