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Tumblr Disney #4

Random Disney facts that you learn everyday

Another thing, Lilo and Stich means lost and pulled together.

Lilo and Stitch - Nani is arguably the best character Disney has ever created

I love when people say Disney teaches young girls to be passive and voiceless. Really now...?

Strong women in Disney.I'm not a big Disney princess person but that doesn't mean there aren't some good role models there.

Damn the real life Mulan was even more badass

Danf the real life Mulan was even more awesome<<<< whoa she was amazing

the reality about Disney princesses

I AGREE WITH THIS(p. The little mermaid is a story made by Hans Christian Andersen who is from Norway, who also made the story called the snow queen which frozen is based off of)<<< AND now we have Moana!

This is so funny, excuse the language

Funny pictures about Brilliant Comeback. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant Comeback. Also, Brilliant Comeback.

photo-challenge-winter by Christina Greve, love these ideas and hope to take some photos inspired by them. Think that would be a great way to spend some of my free christmas days :)

photo challenge and chance to win a online Photography Workshop from Christina Greve (valued at 597 dollars!

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Brandy Melville in Winter Wonderland

Venvm:Untitled | by: { Erman Celik }

Venvm:Untitled by: Erman Celik

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// I wanna go on a snowy vacation - by vog.