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an outdoor patio with stairs and lighting in the center, surrounded by flowers and trees
Ultimate Decks for Outdoor Living - Town & Country Living
a white table topped with a green vase next to a lamp and a painting on the wall
Revamped Tamboerskloof Family Home
The print in the entrance is by Polish artist Olaf Hajek, from his exhibition at WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery. The colours are picked up in an ottoman that is covered in Hertex fabric and a Bardot table lamp from Block & Chisel.
a wooden deck in front of a house with potted plants on the top and stairs leading up to it
Portes ouvertes : une maison australienne éco-responsable
Portes ouvertes : une maison australienne éco-responsable – Buk & Nola
the instagram page shows an image of a house with plants in front of it
Cómo renovar tu fachada rápidamente, te enseñamos tips que harán de tu hogar un sitio único! - Mundo Fachadas
two pictures of an outdoor kitchen and living room in the same house with wood ceilinging
7 Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas For Awesome Backyard Entertaining
If you're going to include a state of the art kitchen in your backyard you better have the space to entertain properly out there as well. Dedicating half of a covered outdoor space to a fully functioning kitchen and the other half to a gathering space or entertaining area means that dinner parties and other events can happen outdoors regardless of the weather.
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Seattle Yoga Classes from Bala Yoga | Fremont | Kirkland | Sammamish
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a woman sitting on top of a couch in a living room next to a plant
Une maison bleue - Lili in wonderland
Aujourd’hui nous partons visiter cette maison bleue située sur la pente d’un volcan en Australie.Les propriétaires ont rénové cette maison qui était toute défraichie et...