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two pictures of a boy playing with plastic beads and wooden spoons on the table
Fine Motor Play from Little Toy Tribe - Little Lifelong Learners
Fine Motor Play frFine motor play from Little Toy Tribe by Little Lifelong Learners. There are many ways we can help kids develop fine motor skills through play! We're sharing our favourite tools and toys for fine motor skill development at Little Toy Tribe, an Australian toy shop. Read the blog post to learn more about these tools and our favourite fine motor activities for preschools and toddlers! om Little Toy Tribe - Little Lifelong Learners
Bilateral Coordination Challenge
Fins this Bilateral Coordination Challenge in this Twinkl video to practice fine motor skills and gross motor skills. To find more activities at Twinkl's website, click on the link!
there are many different types of plates on the table and in front of each other
Foam Dough- super easy to make, and such a FUN texture!
many different activities to play with in the process of making an art project for kids
Fun Proprioceptive Activities Kids Love - The OT Toolbox
We share a lot of creative ways to encourage calming strategies, attention building techniques, and creative sensory play ideas. These proprioception sensory activities are heavy work activities that can be used to help kids address sensory needs and challenge their proprioceptive system. Check out all of the proprioception sensory play activities that are found on ... Read More about Proprioception Sensory Activities
a hand holding a yellow post it note with words on it that say nature scavenger hunt
Is this thing on?? | The Taylor House
Blog post at The Taylor House : This is something I wonder about, is anyone listening? Or am I talking to myself on here, and a handful of others. Let me start out by s[..]