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Beate Øglænd

Beate Øglænd
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Make one of these amazing DIY wreaths for the holidays.

It's time to make your very own DIY wreath this holiday season. We've rounded up our favorite DIY wreath tutorials for you to get started!

Nothing screams Christmas like a good festive wreath - we think we're going to have a go at this DIY Eucalyptus one!

I love making wreaths, it's fun experimenting with different greenery and flowers! We thought it would be fun to add eucalyptus to this one, it not only smells amazing but it dries really nice too! We went to Whole Foods and picked out a few different

Learn how to make this super simple holiday wreath! Bay leaf branches and berries

Your holiday party guests will feel welcomed into your home before they even step foot in the door, thanks to this front porch decoration inspiration. With this Handmade Holiday Wreath, your curb appeal will have the perfect festive twist.