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Beate Jakobsen

Beate Jakobsen
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Avocado Hummus is so easy to make. Think about your two favorite things, guacamole and hummus uniting together to make the perfect dip! It's perfect to put on toast, veggies, or anything really for a nutrient-dense dip.

Guacamole combines with hummus to make the dip that dreams are born from. Besides a phenomenal flavor explosion in your mouth, it also contains a megadose of


27 Photography Cheat Sheets and Infographics For Photographers. These things are so simple that doing a few clicks would provide you the results you want to achieve.

Discovering Your Newborn Lifestyle Photography

I wrote this article for Pretty Presets for Lightroom. I love photographing babies! :) Discovering Your Newborn Lifestyle Photography Photo Credit: Poetry & Prose Photography