Berit Dragset

Berit Dragset

Berit Dragset
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Ricky Dillion and Kian Lawley

The crab face made by Kian Lawley and Ricky Dillon! Hahhaa I love this me and my friend Mary do this all the time

our2ndlife they make me happy

I just started watching them like last week and i already feel soo happy that they are in my life

our2ndlife art

I love them all so much but Connor Franta has left and He is apart of in our heart's. Why is Connor like."Chubbier" than the rest of them in this drawing?

o2l | Cartoon o2l

Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon Jc Caylen & Trevor Moran of

#our2ndlife forever; never ending

Even tho wont be around we will always remember them as part of and i support whatever they do and jc caylen connor franta sam pottorf kian lawley ricky dillon and trevor moran i love u and im happy that u guys r happy 💗