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an aerial view of a playground with swings and climbing bars in the ground, surrounded by green grass
an overhead view of several people working on some kind of art project with rocks and stones
there are two pictures with different types of sand and rocks in them, one is made out of concrete and the other has wire mesh netting on it
Behind the scenes - How to build a colourful play slope!?
These pictures show the state while construction and as finished playground slope. This project can be found in Waldkirchen, Germany. Design by Rehwaldt Landscape Architecture - #colourfulplayground #red #blue #playgrounddesign #playdesign #landscapearchitecture #modern #landscapedesign #waldkirchen
two children are playing on an indoor slide in the grass with their feet up and one child is standing next to it
a little boy standing on top of a playground
Игровые пространства
a woman sitting on top of colorful blocks in the park with trees and grass behind her
Amazing Playgrounds
a woman standing in the middle of a field next to a tall red structure with a ladder
a large black and white object in the middle of a grassy area next to a building
Milan. The Teatrino is an intimate space dedicated to dialogue
Milan. The Teatrino is an intimate space dedicated to dialogue - Domus
a wooden structure with red steps leading up to the upper part of it and an open door at the top
Frame Pavilion / Menthol Architects