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three drawings of old men are on the wall next to each other, with one man's face in between them
thread portraits by Kerry Mosley
three pieces of artwork are displayed on a white surface, with red thread running across the edges
Red thread on collagraph
Fragments of torn collagraph prints stitched with red thread and vintage shirt buttons. Blogged here
an image of three people and a tree on a piece of cloth with red and white background (16547edith) - Profile | Pinterest
Fabulously free and naive in style.
an image of a woman holding flowers on a piece of cloth with buttons around it
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A May Queen by Cathy Cullis Gave me the idea to make quilted tarot cards!
a black and white drawing on a piece of cloth
Forever Dreaming - original embroidery artwork
Forever Dreaming an original embroidery artwork, a larger wall piece.... This highly detailed artwork is part of my ongoing moonlit collection
an abstract painting with hearts and buildings in the background, as if it were made out of stained glass
Bonding and Beyond by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn
a painting of a man with flowers in his hair
The Bloggings Of Mrs Bertimus
The Bloggings Of Mrs Bertimus
a piece of art with a woman on it
an orange and yellow painting with lines on it
Paintings - Naata Nungurrayi - Page 4 - Australian Art Auction Records
Naata Nungurrayi / Narrapinti, 2004
a red and white drawing with trees on it
Marina Strocchi
In The Circle | Marina Strocchi
a red and white painting with different designs on it
Marina Strocchi | Искусство Видимого | Форумы Лотоса | Эзотерика. Магия. Религия
Марины Строкки
a close up of a piece of art with many different things on it
DSC04100 | DSC04100 | Part of a new series of work based on local architecture. More coming soon!
four pieces of fabric with embroidered images on them, each featuring a woman in a birdcage
A perfeição não me atrai. A beleza, sim!
a black and white drawing on a piece of cloth with people in the background,
Marisa Ramirez
cathy cullis