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two little dolls sitting next to each other in front of an open tin canister
Pocket Fairies (Gingermelon Dolls)
Pocket Fairies
a colorful quilt hanging on a wall
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Enchanting Stars at BeColourful quilts by Jacqueline de Jonge. Master class, 2014 festival of quilts, Birmingham (UK)
a pink and black quilted star on the floor
Fast Star Tutorial
Fast Star Tutorial - I think this would be cool as a center with other star shapes around it.
a green wall hanging with a colorful design on it's side and an orange center
Barbara Brackman's MATERIAL CULTURE
Barbara Brackman's MATERIAL CULTURE The Morris Jewels
a quilt with many different designs on it
eMuseum - View Media
Sampler Quilt Artist unidentified. 1935-1945. Collection of Folk Art Museum
a colorful quilt hanging on the wall next to a blue ribbon
Another amazing Jan Krentz spiral lone star
an image of colorful circles on black paper
Overlapping Rubbings Tutorial - Shelly G. Stokes
many different types of buttons are laying on a table together, with one button in the shape of a woman's head
Exército de MatRiosKas
the printable mat is designed to look like russian nesting dolls with hearts and flowers
Matryoshka Digital Stamps - Etsy
a red mat with a doll on it's head and a heart in the middle
Felt Matryoshka
the printable mat is shown to be used as an applique for dolls
Matryoshka Digital Stamps - Etsy
Matryoshka inspiration
the paper is cut out to look like an angel with flowers and leaves on it
three little dolls made out of felt sitting next to each other
Bouti Quedo Feltro
Boutique do Feltro