Interior Fabric Structures

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From creating extraordinary interior fabric structures, like the O2 Sponsors Lounge and Atrium blinds at the Healthy living centre to producing more conventional installations, such as fabric canopies for point-of-sale or exhibition displays, our versatile skill-set means we can realise any interior installation.

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Retail fabric canopy for Fresh Supermarkets

Bespoke fabric, mesh & cable net structures | Portfolio | Base Structures

We are an expert tensile fabric structure company, designing, manufacturing and building bespoke tensile structures, fabric canopies, zoo structures, event structures and more! We work a range of companies large and small - contact us today to see how we can help A Collection of Case Studies and Our Client List

Suspended fabric sculptures we installed in an office atrium in West London

Suspended fabric sculptures we installed in an office atrium in West London

Centrica Suspended Silk Fabric Sculptures

Centrica | Base Structures

We manufactured the three sculptures which included the a very delicate silk fabric, patterning and attaching the fabric to the frames.

Fresh Supermarkets Retail Fabric Cone Canopies

Fresh Supermarkets | Base Structures

Retail Fabric Cone Canopies

Kings Waterfront Fabric Mesh Cladding

Kings Waterfront | Base Structures

Fabric Mesh Cladding

Plymouth Civic Centre Atrium Fabric Sails

Plymouth Civic Centre | Base Structures

We were approached to suggest an effective way to disguise an awkward void in the Council’s Banking Hall reception ceiling.

Leeds City Museum Suspended Fabric Projection Screens

Leeds City Museum | Base Structures

Suspended Fabric Projection Screens

HSBC Dublin Office Atrium Sculptural Installation

HSBC Dublin | Base Structures

The dramatic shapes which dominate the space were achieved with our unique combination of design, manufacture and rope access installation skills.

Van Gage Garden Park Internal Fabric Sculptures

Van Hage Garden Park | Base Structures

For the internal structures were employed ranging from internally lit tensile lycra cones to multi-coloured silk flags for a Himalayan inspired feature

St Enoch Centre Mesh Screens and Sunshade Sails

St Enoch Centre | Base Structures

The brief was to create thirty six twisted silver mesh ribbons, served to soften the geometry of the glass roof support steelwork in the main Mall at the St Enoch's Centre, the home of shopping in Glasgow.

JS Bach Music Hall Zaha Hadid Fabric Installation

JS Bach Music Hall - Zaha Hadid | Base Structures

JS Bach Music Hall, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects result was a single continuous ribbon creating layered spaces cocooning performers and the audience.

Fynshav Sports Hall Vaulted fabric Ceiling

Fynshav Sports Hall | Base Structures

The tensile fabric is supported by a series of suspended headrings in the centre of the roof structure, then pulled down, tensioned to a series of timber

London 2012 Games Velodrome Permeable Screen

London 2012 Games - Velodrome Screen | Base Structures

Velodrome Permeable Screen

Kensington Palace Ticket Hall Canopy

Kensington Palace | Base Structures

Ticket Hall Canopy

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Tensioned Frames Incorporating Fabric Sails and Lighting

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital | Base Structures

Tensioned Frames Incorporating Fabric Sails and Lighting

Heart of Arup Atrium Cable Net Structure

Heart of Arup | Base Structures

The Heart of Arup is an interactive multimedia experience that now gracefully hangs within the atrium space at Arup’s global headquarters in London.