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CKSblr, 芹沢謙@砲雷撃戦E-062さんはTwitterを使っています:...
an old train is sitting on the tracks under some power lines and electric wires above it
PC4811-681217 Potomac Yards Arlington, VA
an army vehicle with the number 2 on it's side window and door handle
Aircraft in Detail - Eurocopter EC665 Tiger Walkaround Gallery
Aircraft in Detail - Eurocopter EC665 Tiger Walkaround Gallery
the back end of a white car with red stripes on it's tailpipe
an air plane flying in the sky over land
war is only for stupids, but...
an airplane is parked on the tarmac with people standing around and looking at it
North American Aviation XB-70A (62-0207)
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a man standing on top of a metal platform next to an airplane in the air
four fighter jets flying in the sky over land
✈ ✈Aviation is my passion!✈ ✈
The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. And yes. That's its actual name.
an airplane flying over the top of a tall building
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tumblr: The Pan Am building in NYC, now known as the Met Life Building. Helicopter service ran from 1965-68, then resumed in 1977. However later in 1977, after a tragic accident in which 5 people were killed, it was suspended and never resumed. Goals
an aerial view of a submarine in the snow
the cockpit of an airplane with many electronic equipment
F117 cockpit
an aerial view of the space station and its surroundings
N1-L3 Moon Rocket Transporter-Erector
The N1 (Nositel 1) Rocket for the soviet manned moon program. All four launch attempts failed. Notice the 30 (!) main engines - the Saturn V had just 5...