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a large group of green bushes next to each other
tumblr_pwf58os4lr1sndj7po1_1280.jpg | Are.na
black and white photograph of two statues holding up a large object in front of them
utopian aesthetic
Rear-Front monument in Magnitogorsk is the first part of a triptych dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and depicts a worker giving a sword to a soldier.
a very large structure that looks like it is made out of metal mesh and surrounded by trees
Infrastructural Art – Toshio Shibata
Infrastructural Art – Toshio Shibata | Infrascape Design
two very tall concrete structures in the middle of a field
25 monuments oubliés totalement fascinants de l’ex-Yougoslavie
On peut parfois faire de surprenantes découvertes au cours d'un voyage. C'est pendant un séjour en ex-Yougoslavie, qu'un photographe en a fait l'expérience en tombant sur des sublimes monuments oubliés datant de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. On vous laisse admirer s...
a large cement structure with a face on it's side in the middle of a field
Бетонные зеркала Англии
Бетонные зеркала Англии - Мастерок.жж.рф
there is a large statue in the park
the building has many carvings on it's side
Former House of Political Education, (now Turkmen State Archive) Ashgabat, Turkmenistan,
an old black and white photo of the inside of a building with light streaming through it
For the love of art
JOSEF SUDEK (1896 - 1976) The Cathedral 1954
an open door in front of a building with the word divivent written on it
B22 Design
Visions of an Industrial Age // carlo scarpa - olivetti -1958 - Venezia. gregorio carletti.
a helicopter flying over the top of a tall building
Up On The Roof — 18th February 1966: A helicopter landing on the roof of the Pan-Am building (now Met Life building), designed by Walter Gropius, in New York. (Photo by F. Roy Kemp/BIPs/Getty Images)
an oil rig in the middle of the ocean with red and white domes on it
Texas Towers were early warning radar rigs off New England. Rough seas collapsed Tower 4 in 1961, taking 28 crew & civilian contractors to a watery grave.
Balloonga from Ultraman Pop Culture, Area 51, Alien, Monster Design, Monsters, Good Old, Visual, King Kong, Reference
Balloonga from Ultraman